Golden Sunset

“The sun dips behind the jagged hem of the sky as the day’s last light peeks from beneath her dusky colors like a blushing slip of french silk daring you to watch her walk away –” ~ Kate Mullane Robertson

Delhi through my eyes

On a Delhi road trip last month, I captured some pictures of Delhi including the long roads, the curve, greenery,  birds and clouds…  this short trip makes me realize that traveling through road is a most exciting way to experience the beauty of the journey. So, Gear up with me for a short trip to…


On my trip to Delhi zoo, I got a chance to capture birds with my camera. It was really an amazing experience I would say.  The quote “If I am a bird, I am free” is completely true. They are free, attractive, beautiful, curious, and colorful that all with wings so one has to wait…

On the way: Let’s Talk

” Its worth to be together, For the time we had, Lets slake and sit on the bright side, Before we fly, On the way, on the way “