A festival of Light

The festival of light is full of delight. Let me double the charm of your Diwali night with my wish

“May the Divine Light of Diwali spread into your life Peace, Prosperity, Happiness and Good Health.”

Happy Diwali

A very Happy Diwali


A language of Flowers

There is a language, little known,
Lovers claim it as their own.
Its symbols smile upon the land,
Wrought by nature’s wondrous hand;
And in their silent beauty speak,
Of life and joy, to those who seek
For Love Divine and sunny hours
In the language of the flowers.

–The Language of Flowers, London

A painter paint these flowers with the beautiful colors yellow and red.

Yellow is for the purity and Red is for the love, the creature defines what this flower is made for “A symbol of pure love”.

A symbol of pure love

A symbol of pure love

Red, The color of energy, passion, desire and love, I would say it is also the ultimate cure for sadness.


Ultimate cure for sadness

Sunshine Award

sunshine awardSunshine Award

An award, a true inspiration from fellow blogger, and this one is from Processing the life (A master piece in writing and a very dedicated blogger).

Thank you for the award.

Please visit http://processingthelife.wordpress.com/

This award is for bloggers “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”.

Rules for the award are:
1. Use the Sunshine Award logo in the post.
2. Link to whoever nominated you.
3. Write ten pieces of information about yourself.
4. Nominate ten fellow bloggers, “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.
5. Leave a comment on the nominees’ blogs to tell them of the award

10 Pieces of information

(1)    I born and bought up in Delhi and have completed Master’s in computer application (MCA) from Delhi.

(2)    I am working as Web Designer by profession and my interest brings me in the designing.

(3)    I worked as volunteer with Greenpeace India (An Environmental NGO) and my interest leads me to the post graduate diploma in Disaster Management.

(4)    In whatever I do, I try to follow my heart.

(5)    I am a travel enthusiast, nature lover, I like flowers and best color is Red.

(6)    I am a cancerian & my birthday falls in the month of July, I completely follow the personality traits of a cancer.

(7)    Photography and Dance is my hobby, passion and Life.

(8)    I am a food lover, vegetarian and non- vegetarian. Any time food is south Indian (uttapam is one of the best). Well there is long list for food so better I will write a post later. 😀

(9)    I love music and the type of music depends on my mood.

(10)  I like spending time with my friends & family and always try to stand by their side when required.

My 10 Nominations

(1)    http://www.nikhilchandra.in/

(2)    http://allresourceupdates.wordpress.com/

(3)    http://redstuffdan.wordpress.com/

(4)   http://subhabratadasgupta.wordpress.com/

(5)    http://talainsphotographyblog.wordpress.com/

(6)    http://tobygant.com/

(7)   http://photosbyravi.com/

(8)   http://lijiun.wordpress.com/

(9)   http://sankartypo3.wordpress.com/

(10) http://cancerkillingrecipe.wordpress.com/

A prayer to God

“Lead me to the real, from darkness lead me to light”

Let there be light

Tamaso ma jyotirgamaya

Let there be light, let there be hope,
Lead me from darkness to the brightness,
Forgive for my mistake , and show path to serenity


On my trip to Delhi zoo, I got a chance to capture birds with my camera. It was really an amazing experience I would say.

 The quote “If I am a bird, I am free” is completely true. They are free, attractive, beautiful, curious, and colorful that all with wings so one has to wait for them. Finally I got only few shots due to bad sunlight.


Time to Swim

A curious bird

A curious Bird

Migratory birds

Migratory birds

“Be like the bird that, passing on her flight awhile on boughs too slight, feels them give way beneath her, and yet sings, knowing that she hath wings. “ – Victor Hugo

Farewell Bid to the Little Master-Sachin Tendulkar

All Resource

The man because of whom Cricket became a Religion in India,because of whom Cricket found a new meaning in India,Yes you guessed it right “The God of Cricket” as fondly he is known–None other than Sachin Tendulkar is all set to bid farewell from all the formats of Cricket in November…A Journey of 24 years is coming to an end this November.. 😦

At 16 years of age when Sahin Tendulkar came out in Indian Jersey no one did ever imagined that he would be the one of the legend in Cricket that India has ever produced,A man of great Calmness,in the league of his own–his zeal to play Cricket is the main weapon in his success…

This is to you master for whom I came to know what Cricket is?There will always be a void,a void no one will ever be able to fill…I bow to “Sachin…

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