Golden Sunset

“The sun dips behind the jagged hem of the sky as the day’s last light peeks from beneath her dusky colors like a blushing slip of french silk daring you to watch her walk away –” ~ Kate Mullane Robertson

Happy Valentine’s Day

Love is never late, nor is it early. It arrives precisely when it means to. “Happy Valentine’s Day”

A gloomy Day

The day was astonishing and the end was adverse Tried to damp down but all in vain When words lost their meaning, and egoism was on top Still the heart says Hold on!! Roaring in the agony Calling at the top of my own voice setting apart the trail we walked Cuddled in the dark…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

Inspired from my fellow blogger’s work, I am posting few pictures on the Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie. Sometime it feels  that somebody is following you when actually there is no one, it could be a particle of dust or Devil in the form of smoke as shown in the image below: Stepping into such dark…


” Curious Dragonfly with Wings of stained glass, Oh! Ancient bearer Of secret dreams, Your delicate beauty Keeps wonder in my heart  ” ~~Grace Edwards