Delhi through my eyes

On a Delhi road trip last month, I captured some pictures of Delhi including the long roads, the curve, greenery,  birds and clouds…  this short trip makes me realize that traveling through road is a most exciting way to experience the beauty of the journey.

So, Gear up with me for a short trip to Delhi roads and watch Delhi through my eyes, So here we goes…

street-1En-route from Central Delhi to West Delhi.

st-2 (1)

en Route

st-3 (1)

Running with Nature

t (1)

Curve ahead

st-5 (1)

Its time for Lunch

st-4 (1)

Floating clouds

Clouds floating so high, adding colors to the sky,

It makes me dreaming, and makes me fly,

Over the cloud, which is so high..  


16 thoughts on “Delhi through my eyes

  1. Beautiful captures of the city, you can capture as much as you want but there’s always something to look forward to…I take picture almost everyday during my journeys and may be I have hundred picture of the same place but they are all different 🙂 😀

    • Thank you Gaurab,
      Its always good to hear from you 🙂 I agree we can capture same place many times and can also make it look different in every shot.., That’s our art.. Isn’t it? 😀

  2. New Delhi is one of the most beautiful cities in the word. History, art, architecture wise, and cleanliness to a certain extent.
    India being a massive country it’s hard to maintain, thus has plenty of shortcomings. But at least they have managed keep most of the capital good enough to feel like a first world country.
    India might not be a first world country, but there are many a parts New Delhi that can be considered part of one.
    Some Nice Pictures here.

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