Little Lion in the Zoo

On my trip to Delhi Zoo, I found Lion-tailed macaque or I would like to call a Little Lion in the Zoo.

They are called Lion-tailed macaque for their lion-like manes and tails. They have black-brown faces and the fur on their heads sweeps back over their forehead and attract every one with their playful activities, communicate through their body language, such as yawning with a grimace to indicate dominance or a threat, and smacking their lips to greet one another. It is really a fun watching them doing all this stuff.

Lion Tailed Macaque
Lion Tailed Macaque

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  1. Good one. Did you know that Lion-tailed Macaque were recently taken off from endangered species list. BTW, Lion-tailed Macaque are endemic to Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve that is Kerala especially the Silent Valley National Park, Wayanad Reserve and these days in some areas of Tamil Nadu too.

    1. bhartisingh says:

      Thank you Nikhil for going through the post and adding useful information to it. 🙂
      Lion-tailed Macaques were in the endangered list of species as of 2012 and this is really good to know that they are no more in the endangered list.

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